Welcome to my site!! It lists every song that has ever entered the Australian Top 100 Singles charts
         since the year 1960. Many of them feature streaming audio which can be played as individual tracks
         or through one of the site's many jukeboxes or playlists. Being able to hear the songs can be helpful
         for people who don't always know the name of songs that they have heard or like. I created this site
         to help people reconnect with the songs that they've liked from the past and to discover many more!

         Hopefully these lists can help people increase their music collections now that many songs are easily
         downloadable from iTunes, Amazon, etc. All of the lists have accurate AMR/ARIA chart information.
         Also featured on the site are my personal top singles lists plus the top selling singles in Australia for
         each year and decade from 1960 onwards. There's also top singles of all time lists and plenty more!!

         AMR/ARIA Top Singles of the Year Lists

         My Top Singles of the Year Lists

         Every AMR/ARIA Top 100 Single Lists

         Decade Lists, All Time Lists & Other Lists

ARIA Top Singles of 1995

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